Open package docs and git repository links with npm

January 30, 20211 min read189 words

When we need to quickly see the documentation for an npm package, we generally either go to the package website or use a search engine right?

There is a quicker way to directly go to the package docs or git repository right from npm CLI.

To open the package documentation

  npm docs [package-name]

This essentially opens the Homepage link you see on the npm website. npm docs react will open

To open the package Git repository

  npm repo [package-name]

This opens the Repository link you see on the npm website. npm repo react will open

What about Yarn?

I'm not aware of an exactly similar feature in Yarn. But yarn info <package> [<field>] comes close. It will display the information about the package right in your terminal instead of opening links.

yarn info next will display the information about next package. You can also see specific information about a field like yarn info next description or yarn info next readme.

Although, I found it inconsistent. For me yarn info react readme shows undefined. Check the yarn info docs for more.